Further notes

Morpheus D. Duvall's health value varies considerably between difficulty modes. In SO SWEET, his first form's health is at 10,000. In RECOMMENDED, its health is increased to 30,000, with EXTREME mode going up to 45,000.[1] His second form's heath is at 5000, 7000 and 9000 respectively.[2] These are in relation to the player's health of 300, 100 and 40, respectively.[3]


Attack Damage Stage 1 Stage 2 Description
Screwdriver (スクリュードライバー Sukuryūdoraibā?) 30 Yes No
Double Kick (ダブルキック Daburukikku?) 25 Yes No
前宙爪 25 Yes No
Spin-nail attack (スピンネイルアタック Supin'neiru atakku?) 10 Yes No
Plasma Attack (プラズマアタック purazuma atakku?) 15 Yes No
Supecial Plasma Attack (スペシャルプラズマアタック Supesharu purazuma atakku?) 25 Yes No
Wall crusher (壁押しつぶし kabe oshitsubushi?) Instant death No Yes
Fly swatter (蝿叩き haitataki?) Instant death No Yes
Heavy body press (ヘビーボディプレス Hebī bodi puresu?) Instant death No Yes

In his mutated form, Morpheus is able to self-generate an external bio-electric field, given by the t+G virus, an ability that the Tyrant 091 did not show. Even though he's not a Tyrant, his right arm mutated into a claw resembling that of the T-001's. His attacks include jolting out bolts of electricity, rising to the air and creating an electrical field, jumping from long distances and then spiraling in mid-air, and continuously dashing at in human speed.


He is invulnerable to most firearms, so the "Charged Particle Rifle" is the only weapon that can damage him.



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