Resident Evil Revelations 2 all cutscenes - My Name is Moira

Resident Evil Revelations 2 all cutscenes - My Name is Moira

My Name is Moira

My Name is Moira (そして再会へ Soshite saikai e?) is a cutscene in Resident Evil: Revelations 2. It is the ending scene to Moira's Extra Episode, "The Struggle".



Moira: Dad...!

Moira: What are you doing? Open the door!
Evgeny: I have lived on this island, I will die on this island. Here, with Irina.
Moira: You don't have to.
Evgeny: I do have to! But not you. You have whole life ahead of you, kroshka.
Moira: It's Moira! Ask me my fucking name for once, you dinosaur.
Evgeny: You should wash mouth out with soap, “Moira”!
And my name is Evgeny! Evgeny…

Moira: Dad!

Moira: これ・・・パパの・・・!?

Moira: どうして!? 開けてよ!
Evgeny: 俺はこの島で生まれた・・・
Moira: そんなのって・・・
Evgeny: ・・・だが お前は違う
Moira: モイラだよ・・・小娘じゃない
Evgeny: その口の悪さはどうにかしろよ"モイラ"
あと 俺はクソジジイじゃれえ・・・

Moira: ・・・パパ!

Moira: This is...Dad's...!?

Moira: What!? Open it!
Evgeny: I lived on this island...
That's why...I'll die on this island...along with Irina.
Moira: So it's like that...
Evgeny: But, you are different.
You aren't the kind of person to die in a place like're a good little girl.
Moira: I'm Moira...not “Little Girl,” I'm shitty geezer.
Evgeny: You should do something about that bad mouth of yours “Moira”.
And I'm not “shitty geezer”...
I'm Evgeny...

Moira: Dad!