Sack creature

The "thing".

The "Mysterious white bag"[notes 1] is a moniker given to a struggling "thing" inside a sack found in Resident Evil 4. Capcom was vague as to what this "thing" was, possibly indicating that it was never intended to be identified, giving a sense of mystery. The Capcom-Famitsu authorized kaitaishinsho book only goes as far as to say it struggles violently and that it doesn't move after being attacked, not adding anything new.[excerpt 1][excerpt 2] BradyGames' Signature Series Resident Evil 4: The Official Strategy Guide speculates it to be a "squirming sack of flesh", and instructs the player to shoot it.[1]


In the main game, it is found inside a dumpster near the entrance of the Prison area during Chapter 5-4. After opening the dumpster and revealing the sack, it will start to indefinitely shake and struggle violently. It is shown to have body heat when looked at with a Rifle with the Infrared Scope attached. It can be "killed" by causing it any amount of damage, but will yield no reward.[excerpt 3] The player can then use the "CHECK" prompt on it to get the message;

"What the hell is this thing...?"

In Chapter 5 of Separate Ways, Ada can encounter it before Leon in the same area with the lid already open. If the player uses the "CHECK" command prompt Ada will look into the bin, see the struggling sack then immediately close it,[excerpt 4] and the following message will be displayed;

"How disgusting! No way I'm touching that."

Further notesEdit

The sack could have been placed in the main game area for the purpose of baiting players to shoot it. This would cause the Regenerador waiting down the hall to be alerted and start approaching the player.


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