The National Entertainment Collectibles Association's first Resident Evil Anniversary series was released in 2006 in response to Capcom's 10th Anniversary celebration.

Chris RedfieldEdit

NECA Chris set

"Chris Redfield" is based on Chris Redfield as he appeared in the 2002 remake.[1]

"Chris Redfield" comes with bonus items, such as: a shotgun; a combat knife; a First Aid Spray; two Flash Grenades and an incendiary grenade.

Jill ValentineEdit

NECA Jill set

"Jill Valentine" is based on Jill Valentine as she appeared in the 2002 remake.[2]



"HUNK" is based on the character as he appeared in Resident Evil 4's Mercenaries mode.[3] This figurine comes with a submarine gun with stock, a briefcase and a vial.


NECA Zombie set

This model of a Zombie is based on one seen in the remake. The model has "removable limbs" and comes with a Cerberus. The zombie's left arm, head, right forearm, and right hand can be removed.[4]

Other imagesEdit


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