Non-player characters and AI player characters are two kinds of AI-controled entities that can be encountered in games.

NPCs in Resident Evil: OutbreakEdit

In the Outbreak titles, NPCs lack "clipping", meaning that the player and AIPCs can simply walk straight through them. They are normally completely still, and can only talk through subtitles via the 'Examine' feature. NPCs cannot use the "Trade" feature, so items "traded" by Ben Bertolucci will simply appear on the floor near him.


AI Player Characters are different from NPCs in Outbreak. These individuals can attack; pick up items; trade and speak, and are also solid. They are predominantly the other protagonists on the player's team when in Offline gameplay. The AIPC can also be an extra individual altogether if the scenario requires them. For example, Bob can be carried to the rooftop of J's Bar, and is vulnerable to zombie attacks.

Team chartEdit

In Offline play, the player is given two partners to explore the scenario with. The two AIPCs are any combination of Kevin; Mark and Cindy.[1]

Player AIPC1 AIPC2
Kevin Mark Cindy
Mark Kevin Cindy
Jim Kevin Mark
George Cindy Mark
David Mark Kevin
Alyssa Mark Cindy
Cindy Kevin Mark
Yoko Mark Kevin

Relationships Edit

In Resident Evil Outbreak File 2, the player has the freedom to select their own partners. To add a further need to strategise beyond character strength and speed, File 2 adds in personality. This is made more complex when one character likes another who feels ambivalent. Characters in a good relationship with the player will remain close by on the map; attack the same enemies and respond quickly to help and trade requests. Characters in bad relationships are prone to ignoring requests or even leaving the room upon the player's entering. Characters in ambivalent relationships will fluctuate between helping and ignoring the player.

Player Good relationship Bad relationship
Kevin George, Yoko Mark
Mark David, Jim Kevin
Jim Cindy, Mark Yoko
George Cindy, Kevin Alyssa
David Mark, Yoko Cindy
Alyssa David, George Jim
Yoko Alyssa, Jim George
Cindy George, Kevin David


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