Namco ✕ Capcom (pronounced "Namco Cross Capcom") is a 2005 PlayStation 2 game developed by Monolift Soft (of XenoSaga fame) in cooperation of Namco and Capcom.

Plot Edit

The intro discusses Shinra's war with Ouma. Both are secret, ancient Asian organizations that are aware of interdimensional travel. Ten years before the events of the game, Ouma tried to activate a gateway in Shibuya to bring chaos to the Earth, but Ouma agent Saya was prevented by Reiji's father, who died in the act.

Prologue 1Edit

Shibuya has been evacuated after another Ouma attack successfully brought Kamaitachi into the Material World. Shinra agents Xiaomu and Reiji combat them during their investigation. They then encounter Goblins, who are more spiritual than physical and so are invulnerable to bulletfire. Another Quake brings in KOS-MOS; M.O.M.O. and Shion (XenoSaga), who are confused by the situation. KOS-MOS' anti-Gnosis weapon, the "Hilbert Effect", is used against the Goblins and they become physical beings that can be destroyed.

Elsewhere in Shibuya, Shadaloo agents Cammy; Juri and Juni arrive. They have orders from Vega to attack Shinra HQ and take out any members in the streets. They are pursued by Chun-Li, who remembers Cammy as a Shadaloo agent and wants answers to what the organization is planning and how they survived the events of the Street Fighter games. The Shadaloo agents run into Xiaomu and Reiji, and Cammy orders Juri and Juni to kill them while she continues in search of the Shinra HQ. Chun-Li catches up and fights the two Shadaloo agents, forcing them to flee with her in pursuit.

Shinra and the XenoSaga cast decide to join forces.

Prologue 5Edit

In the present day Material World's "Metro City", martial artists Ken Masters and Ryū discuss a warning Ryū received from Gouki in Japan. They suspect Shadowloo is up to something, and rumours of Interpol agent Chun-Li going off on a mission convince them they must head for Japan.

In the "Material World", Bruce McGivern and Fong Ling are traveling on board a cruise ship, a sister of the Spencer Rain. Mentioning their last mission together, Bruce declares it to have never happened in US-STRATCOM's eyes, so decides just calling this ship the Spencer Rain is much easier. They move on to discussing a woman Fong Ling is keeping an eye on, who she is unsure whether or not is infected with the t-Virus. Asking what either of them are doing on the ship, Fong Ling reveals she is heading to Japan to investigate Shadowloo alongside Interpol, and Bruce McGivern is here to recover a Third Energy data disc hidden somewhere on the ship. The two agree not to get in each other’s way.

In another realm, Joker; the Red Arremer Joker and Druaga talk in the Tower of Druaga. Joker reveals his responsibility in causing the interdimensional tremors in order to harvest life energy from the Material World to use in a ritual.

Back on the Spencer Rain, zombies have suddenly overrun it. In the ruckus, Bruce discovers SORT agent Regina, who is also after the Third Energy data disc. The two ease their tensions when concluding that neither is a Shadowloo agent. Hearing noises on deck, the three reunite outside, where they meet Hsien-Ko, a Jiang-Shi from the 18th century. Hsien-Ko warns them to evacuate the ship immediately ahead of a demon attack. Rather than abandon ship, the three agents choose to fight the demons, where they soon after meet the zombie rock star, Zabel. After making it very clear his (unrequited) love for Hsien-Ko, he reveals himself to have been behind the zombie invasion of the ship. About to run inside, the three are reinforced by martial artists Devil Jin, Ryū and Ken Masters (the latter of whom Bruce recognises as an American martial arts champion), who have finished defeating the zombies within the ship. While Zabel can withstand being attacked by the three martial artists, the prospect of Hsien-Ko threatening him is too much, and he leaves. With the monsters gone, the group get to know each other: Ken mistakenly believes Fong Ling and fellow martial artist Chun-Li are sisters; Bruce imagines how hard it would be to explain what just happened to his US-STRATCOM commanders, and Fong Ling and Hsien-Ko bond in making fun of Bruce, much to Regina's confusion. The ship continues on for Japan.

Chapter 2 Edit

Bruce; Fong Ling; Hsien-Ko and Regina arrive in Japan and head outside the Mishima Zaibatsu building to investigate their involvement with a virus. Regina has heard of this organization, which has begun Third Energy research in the ruins of the Ibis Island facility; she considers Shadowloo to be more dangerous however. After an argument over Regina's appearance; Hsien-Ko's participation in the group and what the martial artists from the boat are doing, Bruce gets them back to the issue: they have orders to link up with Shinra, who he understands is an "anti-occult" organization.

Inside the building, Heihachi Mishima and Bakuden discuss the agents outside; Heihachi concludes they are here to investigate them and believe he has the virus they're looking for. He reveals that his possession of the virus was to fulfill a larger plan, but he does not possess it. Black Bravoman, an associate, leaves to fight them.

Back outside, the group begins discussing how Hsien-Ko can exist, eventually accepting in the powers of Oriental magic. Moving on, Regina asks Hsien-Ko why they encountered Zabel Zarock on the cruise liner in the first place. Hsien-Ko reveals that there is a power energy coming out of Tokyo which is responsible for the interdimensional holes, itself explaining the "monster" reports.

The gang are soon attacked by robots led by Black Bravoman, but are helped by the arrival of Kazama Jin, who Bruce reveals is the grandson of Heihachi Mishima. When the robots are defeated, the gang and Jin are found by Xiaomu's gang. Hsien-Ko gets acquainted again with Felicia, a fellow Dark Stalker. After another fight with Black Bravoman, a Quake occurs and the gangs are surrounded by Kamaitachi, yōkai from Japanese mythology. After more fighting, they encounter a mysterious woman involved in incident intimately, who was also responsible for the death of Reiji's parents in the Shibuya battle ten years prior. She gingerly mentions the involvement of Shadowloo member Vega before leaving.

Characters Edit

Name First Appearance Year
Arthur Ghosts 'n Goblins 1985
Baby Head Captain Commando 1991
Bruce McGivern Resident Evil Dead Aim 2003
Cammy Super Street Fighter II 1993
Captain Commando Captain Commando 1991
Chun-Li Street Fighter II 1991
Demitri Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors 1994
Felicia Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors 1994
Fong Ling Resident Evil Dead Aim 2003
Ginzu Captain Commando 1991
Guy Final Fight 1989
Hideo Shimazu Rival Schools: United By Fate 1998
Hsien-Ko Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge 1995
Karin Kanzuki Street Fighter Alpha 3 1998
Ken Masters Street Fighter 1987
Kyoko Minazuki Rival Schools: United By Fate 1998
Lillith Darkstalkers 3 1997
Mack The Knife Captain Commando 1991
MegaMan Volnutt MegaMan Legends 1997
Mike Haggar Final Fight 1989
Morrigan Aensland Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors 1994
Regina Dino Crisis 1999
Roll Caskett MegaMan Legends 1997
Rose Street Fighter Alpha 1995
Ryu Street Fighter 1987
Sakura Street Fighter Alpha 2 1996
Servbot MegaMan Legends 1997
Strider Hiryu Strider 1989
Sylphie Forgotten Worlds 1988
Tron Bonne MegaMan Legends 1997
Unknown Soldier Blue Forgotten Worlds 1988
Unknown Soldier Red Forgotten Worlds 1988

Name First Appearance Year
Armor King Tekken 1994
Bravoman Bravoman 1988
Gilgamesh The Tower of Druaga 1984
Guntz Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament 2002
Heihachi Mishima Tekken 1994
Hiromi Tengenji Burning Force 1989
Ishtar The Tower of Druaga 1984
Jin Kazama Tekken 3 1996
Judas (Leon Magnus) Tales of Destiny 2 2002
Ki (pronounced "Kai") The Tower of Druaga 1984
King Tekken 3 1996
Klonoa Klonoa: Door to Phantomile 1997
KOS-MOS Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht 2002
Krino Sandra (Whirlo) The Adventure of Valkyrie: Legend of the Time Key 1986
Mitsurugi Heishirō Soul Edge 1995
MOMO Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht 2002
Reiji Arisu Namco × Capcom 2005
Rutee Kartret (Rutee Katrea) Tales of Destiny 1997
Sabine The Legend of Valkyrie 1989
Shion Uzuki Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht 2002
Stahn Aileron Tales of Destiny 1997
Taira no Kagekiyo Genpei Tōma Den 1986
Taizo Hori Dig Dug 1982
Taki Soul Edge 1995
Tarosuke Shadow Land 1987
Toby Masuyo Baraduke 1985
Valkyrie The Adventure of Valkyrie: Legend of the Time Key 1986
Waya-Hime Bravoman 1988
Wonder Momo Wonder Momo 1987
Xiaomu Namco × Capcom 2005



Name First Appearance Year
Gouki Super Street Fighter II Turbo 1994
Allosaurus Dino Crisis 2 2000
Astaroth Ghosts 'n Goblins 1985
Cammy Super Street Fighter II 1993
Druk Captain Commando 1991
Evil Ryu Street Fighter Alpha 2 1996
Grandmaster Meio Strider 1989
Huitzil Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors 1994
Juli and Juni Street Fighter Alpha 3 1998
Nebiros Ghosts 'n Goblins 1985
Q-Bee Darkstalkers 3 1997
Red Arremer


Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts (Game Boy Advance) 2002
Zabel Zarock Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors 1994
Vega Street Fighter II 1991
MegaMan Juno MegaMan Legends 1997
Lilith Darkstalkers 3 1997
Shturm Captain Commando 1991
Shturm Jr. Captain Commando 1991
Solo Strider 1989
Strider Hien Strider 2 1999
Tong Pooh Strider 1989

Other charactersEdit

Name First Appearance Year
Zule The Legend of Valkyrie 1989
Lolo Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil 2001
Devil Jin Tekken 3 1996
Enma Shadow Land 1987
Andaba Genpei Tōma Den 1986

Name First Appearance Year
Amazona Wonder Momo 1987
Armor King Tekken 1994
Black Bravo Bravoman 1988
Black Valkyrie The Legend of Valkyrie 1989
Charade Soul Calibur II 2002
Devil Kazuya Tekken 1994
Druaga The Tower of Druaga 1984
Janga Klonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal 2002
Joka (Joker) Klonoa: Door to Phantomile 1997
Kamuz The Legend of Valkyrie 1989
Judas (Leon Magnus) Tales of Destiny 2 2002
Kiso Yoshinaka Genpei Tōma Den 1986
Minamoto no Yoritomo Genpei Tōma Den 1986
Minamoto no Yoshitsune Genpei Tōma Den 1986
Mokujin Tekken 3 1996
Ninety Nine Namco × Capcom 2005
Ogre Tekken 3 1996
Saito Musashibo Benkei Genpei Tōma Den 1986
Saya Namco × Capcom 2005
Waya-Hime Bravoman 1988
Zouna The Adventure of Valkyrie: Legend of the Time Key 1986

Development Edit

Sources Edit

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