Naoyuki Sakai (酒井直行 sakai naoyuki?) is a television writer who co-wrote the script to Resident Evil Survivor under Noboru Sugimura.[1]


Sakai worked on the 1992 tokusentai series, Special Rescue Exceedraft, with writers Jun'ichi Miyashita and Kyōko Sagiyama. Of this series, Sakai is credited with the episodes "Hayato's Longest Day" (隼人の一番長い日 Hayato no Ichiban Nagai Hi?); "The Return of the Distant Father" (遥かなる父の家路 Harukanaru Chichi no Ieji?); "Ken's Love Story" (拳のラブストーリー Ken no Rabu Stōrī?); "Time Travel Rescue" (過去への特救便 Kako e no Tokkyū Bin?); "The Captain Betrayed!?" (隊長が裏切った!? Taichō ga Uragitta!??), and "Special Police Commanded to Impose House Arrest" (特捜、謹慎を命ず Tokusō, Kinshin o Meizu?). When Capcom opened its Flagship creative writing subsidiary, Sakai and a number of other tokusatsu writers were invited to participate. Alongside his work on Resident Evil Survivor, Sakai also worked on Onimusha: Warlords.[2] Following his work for Capcom, Sakai joined the crew of Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger.


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