Nemesis T-Type is an Infected card appearing in the Premier deck for Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game. Nemesis T-Type is the first Tyrant-based card to appear in the DBG.


Nemesis T-Type's abilities are copied over to the Guardian of Insanity (MA-037) and the Proto Tyrant (MA-031) in the Alliance expansion set. The former only inflicts +10 damage to each character when revealed while the latter inflicts 40 damage if the player characters have 50 or more health.


Nemesis T-Type appears as an Infected card in Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game. It is the second strongest Infected in the base set, and is able to inflict 20 damage to all players when it is revealed. Additionally, it inflicts 40 damage anyway; so the player who revealed it takes +60 damage altogether. It is worth 5 Decorations.


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