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Anderson universe
(Covers information from Anderson's universe)

Nemesis (formerly known as Matthew "Matt" Addison)[1] was the brother of Lisa Addison, posing as a Raccoon City Police officer in an attempt to infiltrate the mansion and enter The Hive. He accompanies Alice, Spence and the commandos into the Hive in order to ascertain what went wrong with the Red Queen. It wasn't until later that he revealed he and his sister were environmental activists trying to expose Umbrella's illegal experimentation to the world. Though he escaped the Hive with Alice, he later went on to become a brutal monster after an infected cut from a Licker mutated his genetic structure.


Professionally, Matt had a long history in government agencies, and was known to have graduated from the FBI's academy in Quantico, serving in their ViCAP unit. Alongside this was some level of presence in the NSA. In his private life Matt was also an anti-Umbrella activist, believing that the large corporation's above-the-law attitude made it a threat to the United States. In 2002 he participated in a plot to obtain proof of Umbrella's criminal acts by planting his own sister within the corporation as a mole. She would soon befriend Alice, the head of security at the Hive.

In September of that year, Matt arrived at a mansion in the Arklay Mountains to obtain the evidence, carrying the forged ID of a local police officer should any questions be asked. Soon after his arrival, Umbrella's Sanitation commandos broke in to secure the area after an apparent accident in the Hive involving the Red Queen security system going rampant. Matt himself was handcuffed; while accepting his claim to be a police officer his unexplained presence in the mansion was a security concern. With the unit small in number, he was brought down into the Hive along with Alice, who had been rendered amnesiac by the security system.

The HiveEdit

Matt is watched over by Rain and J.D., while the other team members continue into the Red Queen's chamber. After successfully deactivating the Red Queen, all the doors in the facility open, releasing a horde of zombies. After the discovery of a survivor Rain stumbles upon, Matt states that the blood from the woman is coagulated, and that this process does not occur until after death.

The team is then slowly surrounded by legions of the undead Umbrella employees. Rain, J.D., and Chad Kaplan proceed to dispose of them. Several bullets hit one of the surrounding tanks, which causes an explosion. Matt spots the keys and uncuffs himself to escape and continue his search for his missing sister, Lisa Addison. Matt is joined by Alice, to whom he explains his mission was to expose Umbrella's dark secrets. He explains that his sister was working in the research facility in order to smuggle out a sample of the t-virus. He also reveals she had a contact within the Hive, who has access to security codes. Matt is later attacked by his now zombified sister, who is then killed by Alice, saving Matt's life.


Resident.Evil .Stroev12761900-21-37

Hand Matt mutates.

Realizing that the mission has now become a survival fight, the team attempt to escape the complex via train. Before successfully escaping, the train is attacked by an Advanced Licker, which scratched Matt on his left arm and killed Kaplan. After the monster is killed, Matt and Alice escape the complex. Matt's arm begins to mutate due to an infection from the T-virus.

Before Alice has a chance to administer him the Anti-virus, Umbrella scientists seize both Alice and Matt. Dr. Isaacs and an unnamed doctor's orders that Matt be placed into the Nemesis program.

Mutation into the NemesisEdit

NOTE: The following section contains information that appears in the Resident Evil novelizations, which have been classified as non-canon from the primary movieverse.

Matt Addison as Nemesis in the Resident Evil: Apocalypse

When Matt and Alice are captured by Umbrella just outside the hive entrance, Matt began experiencing mutations to his left arm caused by the injury he sustained from the Advanced Licker which scratched him. Dr Sam Isaacs, an Umbrella researcher, notices Matt's mutations and orders he be placed in the Nemesis Program. During the first stage of the mutation, Matt's cells began to breakdown, whilst the T-virus fused with Matt's DNA, his body began to mutate at an incredible rate. This caused his body to experience extreme increases of growth in height, muscle span and bone structure. Because of this, Matt's entire body became extremely disfigured and unrecognizable. The researchers cut away most of Matt's face either to make the Nemesis look more menacing or simply because it was unnecessary to keep parts of its anatomy which were not needed.

During the mutation process, Matt was alive and was still capable of independent thought, despite the effects that the T-virus had on his body. Once the last stages of mutation were completed, Dr. Isaacs and his researchers injected Matt with the NE, a parasite which takes control of the host's brain and prevents it from thinking for itself. This was to ensure that the Nemesis would follow orders and perform specific tasks programed into its brain by Umbrella; the parasite was injected it took over Matt's brain preventing him from having any independent thought or awareness. Once this was complete the Umbrella researchers needed to surgically install an inhibitor that would allow them to give the Nemesis specific tasks as well as monitor its activities.

It would also act as a fail-safe if the Nemesis became uncontrollable. In order to do this they had to open up Matt's skull and place the inhibitor inside his brain, this is why he has surgical staples holding his scalp together. Now that the Nemesis program was complete the researchers decided to cover its body with a protective coat resembling leather and most likely containing kevlar to protect its body from high caliber weapons, explosions and extreme amounts of heat. Nemesis was also programmed to use two specific weapons that were custom designed for him, an M134 Mini-gun and a custom built rocket launcher. Due to the size of Nemesis it is easily capable of breaking a fully grown man in two without even putting half its strength into it for this reason it was also programed to use physical attacks to eliminate targets.

Death Edit


Matt vs. Alice.

As the Nemesis, Matt was programmed by Umbrella to target and kill the surviving S.T.A.R.S and combat "Project Alice". He presumably could not remember his life prior to the mutation until he squared off against Alice in a fight orchestrated by Cain. After being impaled by the jagged piece of metal by Alice, his actions afterward imply that he remembered her from the Hive incident. Before the nuclear strike on Raccoon City, he helps Alice, Jill Valentine and the others fight against the Umbrella commandos. Nemesis was killed during the battle when a helicopter he shot down crash-landed onto him. His remains were destroyed along with the Raccoon City by the nuclear strike.

In the novelization of the film, he is only incapacitated under the weight of the helicopter. He doesn't actually die until the nuclear strike occurs. The novel also suggests that the Nemesis functioned like another form of consciousness in Matt's body, one that had more control over himself than he did. However, he regained control of the dominant personality in the end and helped Alice.

Novelization information ends here.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Prior to his mutation as the Nemesis, Matt appeared to have basic knowledge of firearms.

After mutating into the Nemesis and being experimented on, he displays a large amount of durability, being able to withstand several gunshots from a high-caliber sniper rifle without flinching. He also demonstrated some abilities in melee combat, being able to fight well against Alice.

Further notesEdit

  • Aside from archival footage from the first film featuring shots of Eric Mabius, Milla Jovovich is the only person to reprise a role in Apocalypse.
  • In earlier scripts for the film, Twelve finds out his real identity while still in the mansion. Along with his professional work, he is also found to be an eco-terrorist known for sabotaging oil facilities. His real name is also revealed to be Matthew Frost, with aliases "Matthew Pryce"; "Matthew Wayne", and "Matt Zabrowaki".



  1. As heard in Resident Evil

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