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Neo Umbrella is a glossary entry for Resident Evil Recollections.


A terrorist organization claiming to be the successor to T-Virus creators Umbrella. Presided by Ada Wong (in reality Carla Radames).
Taking advantage of the chaotic civil war in Edonia, Neo Umbrella secretly infects antigovernment mercenaries with the C-Virus which it had developed in China. The purpose of their operation was to collect data from the Soldiers who mutate into J'avo, a type of B.O.W. (Bio-Organic Weapon).


中国にある研究所で 「C-ウィルス」を研究し、イドニア共和国の内戦に乗じて、極秘で傭兵たちにC-ウィルスを投入。C-ウィルスによって生まれてくるB.O.W.(生物兵器)であるシュアヴォと化した彼らのデータを収集していた。

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