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Nightmare title card

"The Escape Ends Here
Clancy tried his best, but couldn't outrun Jack. Dragged to the basement staircase and thrown inside, Clancy is still gagging on the mold-choked air as Jack slams the door on his escape, saying "You just sit tight right, now... I've got some friends I want you to meet."
— Nightmare opening scene

Nightmare is a minigame for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. It was released as part of the "Banned Footage Vol. 1" DLC on 31 January 2017 on the PlayStation 4, with a PC and Xbox One release projected for 21 February.


It is a round-based, survival, horde game mode where waves of Molded inhabiting the Dissection Room, of which is the setting for the scenario, come after and attack. Players take control over Clancy Jarvis who has been captured. The main objective is to "Survive until Dawn" battling against the said enemies and Jack Baker.

It starts at a workshop where players can unlock items and gain skills through an available workbench. Items and Skills can be bought through the use of scraps that can be obtained through the several Compactors located in the area. The price of all items and skills will be increased when buying more. When approaching a compactor, it will produce a steady amount of scrap. It only takes a few seconds to produce 100 scraps and so forth. Scrap can also be used to activate a good selection of traps attached to the surfaces of walls. 

Some areas can be unlocked through the use of Corrosive providing more accessible areas, more compactors and more available traps.

There are 5 rounds indicating 5 hours to survive. Within those rounds, a variety of enemies will spawn as well as Jack. Each round taht the player survives, they will be rewarded with a high amount of scrap. However, nearing the end of the round will cause a signal to appear warning that all enemies must be eleminated. Also, the compactors will stop in 40 seconds. Once the 40 seconds are up, all available compactors will stop but will still contain produced scrap. When a new round starts, all compactors will restart functionality and production.

At second round, Jack will appear. Defeating Jack will gain 1000 scraps. If a new round starts, Jack will rise again and will start stalking the player along with the hordes of enemies.

Items and SkillsEdit



  • Corrosive Upgrade
  • Health Upgrade
  • Heal Upgrade
  • Speed Upgrade
  • Reload Upgrade
  • Handgun Upgrade
  • Shotgun Upgrade
  • Grenade Launcher Upgrade
  • Melee Upgrade

The P19 Machine GunBurner and it's ammuntion and upgrades will be available to use if a successful survival has been done before.


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