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No Hope is the name of a new difficulty mode in Resident Evil 6. It is the (current) hardest difficulty in the game and isn't unlockable by normal means, it is added via a downloadable update. The No Hope setting also features different traits than the other difficulties:

  • Most enemy attacks will deal a large amount of damage on the player or put them in dying status.
  • Health is not replenished when restarting a checkpoint/dying. Continuing after death only grants a "temporary" block of health that depletes easier than a standard one.
  • Ammo and health pick-ups are infrequent, set item placements yields less amounts when picked up compared to lesser difficulties.
  • QTEs are more difficult to perform and can likely kill or severely injure the player.
  • Enemies are more durable than the previous difficulties and most weapons deal less damage.
  • Skills are prohibited in this mode and as a result, the player is unable to equip any of them.
  • As an upside, the drop rate of Skill Points has been increased. Any Skill Points acquired are worth double.

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