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'No Survivors' is the demo of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. This mission serves as the basis for most gameplay footage and demos of the game released so far.


"Find that cop, and kill him!" - USS Command

Delta Team have fought their way through the Raccoon City Police Department and are now outside on the city's infected streets. Just when they think everything is going according to plan, something unexpected happens.


It is during this level that players encounter Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, set during the beginning of Resident Evil 2. Players are tasked with tracking down Leon with the intent of killing him, so as to leave 'no survivors.' After following Leon through a Parkade, the USS squad encounters Government Spec Ops forces, and are tasked with eliminating them, as well. After Delta Team defeats several soldiers, an Umbrella helicopter drops pods containing Hunters, which the players need to fend off. At the end of the demo, a Tyrant appears.


  • Eliminate the Survivor
  • Enter the Parkade
  • Defeat the SpecOps Troops
  • Find Safety - BOW Apocalypse



  • In the released game, this mission is a part of mission 5 Expendable.


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