Resident Evil Code: Veronica XEdit

Moveset Edit

  • Appendage Swing (with poison clouds)
  • Appendage Thrust
  • Grab & Throw

Nosferatu will strike with a spider leg-like appendage that protrudes from its back. Be wary of this attack, as it can send Claire flying across the battle area or knocking her off the helipad, causing instant death. Standing too close to the Nosferatu will make the creature grab Claire and throw her backward. The Nosferatu's weak point is its heart, which is exposed on the chest. It can be targeted with the Sniper Rifle, which allows a first-person view of the battlefield.

Nosferatu can spray a toxic, purple gas during its confrontation with Claire, by swinging its appendage (also can knock Claire to the ground). It is recommended that the player avoid it completely and rely on firearms, as Blue Herbs cannot treat its poison.

Resident Evil: Darkside ChroniclesEdit

In Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles, the Nosferatu doesn't posses the poisonous gas unlike its counterpart from Resident Evil: Code Veronica. Instead, the Nosferatu will rely upon its three appendages and fast movement. After dealing much damage to the monster, it will elongate its appendages by growing sharp blades on them. The Nosferatu will sometimes throw objects at the player such as explosive barrels and even large chunks of ice.


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