Nosferatu, the creature that Ashford becomes, is an Infected card in the Resident Evil DBG, introduced in the second set, Alliance. He has no effects, but he is still a dangerous enemy because of his unique amount of health, 55. If the player Explores with enough weapons to deal 60 Damage, this is a safe zone to kill anything in the game except the bosses. But early on, the most reliable amount is 40, since that is the average amount of Health among all Infected. Nosferatu's unique health can be a hindrance for players trying to deal this amount. In addition, because the Infected's Health is not an even number, Carlos Oliveira cannot properly utilize his Level 2 effect (which allows him to get a card from his discard pile if he kills an enemy with damage equal to its health) unless he's equipped with a knife to add 5 Damage. Nosferatu is worth 4 Decorations.

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