Note is a file in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.


To my Lisa,

Day by day I can feel my consciousness drifting further away. The shots given to me by men in white clothes made some of mommy's itching go away. Today they gave me another shot saying it was "nutrition".

When they give me the shots mommy can think straight, but mommy's shocked and sad because mommy's unable to think of you all the time.

Mommy's afraid. Afraid of forgetting everything, especially the memories of you and daddy... What your faces look like, how we used to be together... They're all starting to disappear into somewhere dark in my mind.

Oh Lisa, I wish I could touch your face and hold you in my arms right now, so that I can hold on to our wonderful memories of you and daddy.

Lisa we can't stay here any longer, We have to escape!

Listen to me Lisa. Our chance to escape is the next time when we go to that lab together. We'll both pretend that we are both unconscious and when that man in white clothes is off guard that will be our chance.

When we're on the outside, let's look for daddy together. Okay sweetie? Be strong, Lisa.

Nov. 13, 1967
Jessica Trevor