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Note Found in Room 303 is a file that can be found in Resident Evil: Revelations.


Jill and Parker can found this file in the Room 303, which can be unlocked by using the Helm Key. The room is located in the Upper Quarters Area during the Episode 3-2.


What the hell is going on!? Monsters are crawling all over the ship! They're tearing it to pieces

I've never seen monsters like this. Their movements are stiff, stilted, but it's all over if they get a hold of you.

Those piece-of-shit monsters ate my friend Hasan. Bastards.

I used my gun to frighten them off, giving me time to get the hell out of there. The bullet went straight through its arm, thank Good. These monsters have bones like an old woman.

There's nowhere left to run now. Damn monster twisted my leg good.

Hell... I've run out of ammo, too. God only knows how I'm going to survive this.

畜生 なんでこんなことになった!?



どうやらあの化け物 腕の骨は脆いらしい


クソ… 弾ももう残っちゃねぇし、どうすりゃ生き残れんだよ…


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