Nothing but a Pawn is a cutscene in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. This cutscene will play after Jill exits the operations room. She will meet Nikolai.


Nikolai: I'm quite impressed you managed to stay alive up until now.

Jill: And you seem to be doing a pretty good job at looking after yourself. How about helping out?

Nikolai: I have no intention of helping you.

Jill: Because we're nothing but pawns in all of this?

Nikolai: In a manner of speaking, you are. Our employers want detailed analysis of the zombie beings, which were created through infection by the t-Virus.

Jill: You're saying that they deliberately sent in a military unit to be butchered by their creations?

Nikolai: Not exactly. Although the conditions encountered on this operation were extreme, it unexpected outcome that the team would be... wiped out. We were only required to collect live data from the subjects.

Nikolai: Another mutant!

Nikolai: ……まだ生きていたのか

Jill: ねぇニコライ

Nikolai: 助けてやる気持ちはない

Jill: 私達がいけにえだから?

Nikolai: そういっても差し支えない

Jill: それでゾンビの群れに部隊を!?

Nikolai: たしかにデータ収集が目的だが全滅は単なる結果だよ

Nikolai: バケモノめ!