Further notes

Although originally human, most of their features make them look like insects. Most notably, Novistadores have two pairs of glowing eyes, two antennae and two pairs of wings protruding from their back. Their front limbs have three long claws that are sharp enough to easily pierce human flesh, evidenced by their ability to decapitate Leon.

Aside from their razor-sharp claws, the other main weapon the Novistadores have at their disposal is a highly corrosive acid. This acid is easily capable of eating away at human flesh and muscle tissue, as seen when used on Leon in certain situations. Although not an offensive ability, the most useful skill Novistadores have is the ability to camouflage themselves; creatures with this ability are referred to as the "stealth type".[1][note 1] They do this by altering the pigments in their exoskeleton to blend in with the environment.[excerpt 1] Although they can turn almost completely invisible, there are still several signs that can give them away. The camouflage is unable to hide their glowing eyes and acid can occasionally be seen coming from their mouths even not visible.

Their primary means of movement are quick skittering movements across floors, ceilings, and walls as well as temporarily bouts of flight. For the "Flying Type",[1][note 2] A Novistador's wings are capable of supporting its body weight, but only for brief moments as the creatures land frequently. When in mid-flight, the Novistador is at its weakest, leaving it open to attack from firearms that will quickly ground it.



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  1. Suterusu taipu (ステルスタイプ?) translates as "Stealth Type"
  2. Hikō taipu (飛行タイプ?) translates as "Flight/Flying Type"
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