Now in two pieces (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.


Claire Redfield goes down a secret elevator, finding herself in Chief Irons' chamber. Chief Irons happens to be nearby, however, and he then notices that she made it as far as the chamber, and compliments her for her persistence as she turns in shock. Irons then proceeds to rant about how no one will leave Raccoon City alive, as he intends for everyone to die. Claire then asks Irons to calm down and explain to her what happened. Irons in reply angrily tells her to shut up and quickly draws his handgun on her threateningly, forcing Claire to back away from him. He then rants angrily that she cannot understand what happened especially when Umbrella's B.O.W.s have proceeded to destroy Raccoon City. He then laments on how Umbrella did that action to him, especially after everything he's done to aid them. Claire, now having gained full verification that Irons had indeed been on the payroll of Umbrella after suspecting such was the case due to evidence implicating him, then deduced he must know about the G-Virus and demands that he tell her what it is. Irons, while ominously approaching her with his gun aiming at her, then decides to explain the properties of the G-Virus, namely that it was capable of turning humans into the ultimate Bio-Weapon, and that it was superior to the t-Virus in every conceivable way, and identified the creator of the pathogen as William Birkin. When Claire ponders the name, Irons also confirms that the girl she encountered earlier, Sherry, was William Birkin's daughter. He also indicates that the monster that's been tearing his precinct apart had ties to the G-Virus. He then decided that Umbrella is planning on covering its tracks, meaning they're probably going to kill him, and thus he decided if he's going to die, he might as well make sure Claire dies with him. Before he could pull the trigger, both Claire and Irons hear an inhuman roar, and look around in confusion. A monstrous arm then grabs Irons' leg and drags him below a trap door cover, with Irons proceeding to scream in terror and pain as ripping sounds are heard. Claire then proceeds to investigate the trap door, only to find that the former Chief of Police had been ripped in two, with his top half slamming through the trap door.


Irons: "So, you've made it this far."
"Not bad girl!"

"I'm not letting anyone leave my town."
"Everyone's gonna die!"

Claire: "Calm down, Chief."
"What happened?"

Irons: "Shut up. You couldn't possibly understand what's happened."
"Those monsters from Umbrella have destroyed my beautiful town!"

"How could they do that to me"
"after everything I've done for them!?"

Claire: "So its true, you have been working for Umbrella...then you must
know about the G-Virus, what is it tell me!"

Irons: "If you must know, it is the agent that can turn humans into
the ultimate Bio-Weapon, superior to the T-Virus in every way. William
Birkin is the genius behind the project."

Claire: "William Birkin?"

Irons: "I'm sure you've already seen his little girl running around here."
"Sherry? Isn't it?"
"In case you haven't already figured it out...
the monster that's been tearing my precinct apart is yet another product of the G-Virus."
"The Ultimate Bio Weapon!"
"Umbrella must be trying to cover its tracks"
"but If I'm going to go, I'm going to take you with me!"

Irons: "What the?"

Irons: ついに来たな

だが誰一人    この街から逃がさん

Claire: 落ち着いて
Irons: だまれ    お前に私の気持ちなど…
アンブレラめ    私の街をメチャクチャにしおって

Claire: アンブレラに手を貸してたのは本当だったのね
じゃ    G-ウィルスの事も知ってるわね?

Irons: 知っているさ

Claire: ウィリアム・バーキン?

Irons: 彼の娘がその辺にいたな
確か シェリーとか…
お前が知りたがっている ”G” はもう署内にいる
”G” の怪物がな
…前も私も 皆ここで死ぬのだ!

Irons: *ad-lib*