"A ball made of obsidian."
— Item examination

The Obsidian Ball (黒曜石の玉 Kokuyōseki no tama?) is an key item in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.


The message "A maiden's statue holding a tray. An Obsidian Ball is on the tray." can be read, when one explores the middle statue, that holds this item. It is used, along with the Crystal Ball and the Amber Ball, to solve a clock puzzle and obtain the Gold Gear.

When solving the clock puzzle, this ball has next properties:

  • Minus two hours, using on the "Past Goddess"
  • Plus two hours, using in the "Present Goddess"
  • Plus four hours, using on the "Future Goddess"

This item can be picked from the tray under every picture, if puzzle has not solved already. After the access to the Gold Gear is achieved, this ball cannot be picked up again.


This item that can be found in the Storeroom at Saint Michael Clock Tower.


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