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Old Friends, New Enemies is a cutscene in Resident Evil 5.



Wesker: "I expected more of a challenge after all this time, Chris. How disappointing."

Chris: "Go!"
"Wesker, stop!"
"Jill, come on! It's me, Chris! Snap out of it!"

Wesker: Nice move, Chris. But now that your "partner" has arrived, I'll leave
you two to catch up.

Chris: "Come on, Jill! Get yourself together! Wake up! Jill Valentine!"

Jill: "Chr...Chris..."

Chris: "Jill!"

Wesker: "Remarkable! Still resisting at such an advanced stage."
"Commendable, yet futile! No more time for games, Chris. I've got work to do. Have fun watching Jill suffer."

Chris: "Wait! What did you do to her!?"

Sheva: "What's that on her chest?"

Chris: "We have to get it off her!"

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