Orders is a file that can be found in the Spencer Mansion in Resident Evil. This file implicates a member of S.T.A.R.S. as an agent of Umbrella. It was rewritten as "Mail from the Chief of Security" in the remake.


The "Orders" can be found in the taxidermy room.[1]


TOP SECRET July 22, 1998 2:13

To the Head of the Security Department

"X-day" is approaching. Complete the following orders within the week.

1. Lure the members of S.T.A.R.S. into the lab and have them fight with the B.O.W. in order to obtain data of actual battles.

2. Collect two embryos per B.O.W. type making sure to include all species except for Tyrant.

3. Destroy the Arkley lab including all researchers and lab animals in a manner which will seem accidental.

White Umbrella


July 22, 1998 2:13


一週間以内に、 以下の作戦を順に速やかに実行せよ。

1. S.T.A.R.S.を研究所に誘い込みB.O.W.(生物兵器)と戦わせ実戦データを得よ。

2. 変異体を含むB.O.W.の胚を、 一種につき2個ずつ回収せよ。

3. 人員・実験動物を含むアークレイ研究所の全てを事故に見せかけて処分せよ。



The English localization claims the fax was sent by a department known as "White Umbrella", though this isn't mentioned in the original Japanese text. White Umbrella would later be used as the name for the villainous organization in the S.D. Perry novelization.



  1. Takeo (ed.), Inside of BIO-HAZARD, p.97.

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