Saddler is an Infected card in the Resident Evil DBG, introduced in the fourth set, Nightmare. Saddler is the most powerful enemy (or "boss") of the set's Mansion Area, where all the Infected are found in the game, and like his predecessors has 90 Health. Unlike his predecessors he only deals 60 Damage, whereas the others dealt 70, making him the weakest "boss" so far. His effect more than makes up for this however. If he isn't defeated, the player that Explored gains an Ammo x10 and then additional ones for every Level their character has gained. This means it can only really be a maximum of three cards, but Ammo x10 is the lowest ammo card and often the least useful late in the game, making his effect dangerous for players trying to keep a consistent inventory. He is worth 8 Decorations.