The outside passage is an area of Resident Evil 4This area was venture by both Leon and Ada in their respective campaign.


Few oil drums can be seen outside the passage. There's a door that leads to the Old operating theater, though requires two locks released before it can be enter.


Upon entry, Leon will encounter a hostile reception where endless Ganados militia and Gatling man are present in this area. The doors locks needed to be released to enter, though as soon as Leon try to release the lock, a ganado steal the Emergency Lock Card Key . Leon must obtained the card back before he can released those locks again.

In separate ways, Ada will face Jack Krauser who was presume to be dead in the main game. Upon defeating Krauser, Ada will automatically shoot her grappling toward a wall outside the Old operating theater where she can find a Merchant and typewriter along the way.


Main game:

Location Action Localization Original Script
The Card reader CHECK There's a card reader here. It looks like everything's green.

Separate ways: