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Overcoming the Past (Alyssa)

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A Glimpse of Truth - Alyssa01:19

A Glimpse of Truth - Alyssa

Overcoming the Past (Alyssa)

Overcoming the Past (Alyssa) is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak File 2.


Alyssa: That hospital's experiments were more than just human rights violations.
Alyssa: They were crimes against nature, itself.
Alyssa: Kurt, your sacrifice won't be in vain.
Alyssa: I'll escape from this damn town alive and tell the truth about what happened.

Alyssa: あの病院がしたことはただの違法実験じゃなかった
Alyssa: 人の命をもてあそぶ危険でごう慢な行為
Alyssa: カート…あなたの犠牲を無駄にはしないわ
Alyssa: ず真実を伝えてみせる



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