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The Parasite Woman was an intended enemy for Resident Evil 4. Four pieces of concept art known to exist of them.[1]

  • The first, labelled "A-type", is bound in straitjacket. One of her arms has grown to gargantuan lengths. It would appear that her design was reused for the J'avo in Resident Evil 6.
  • The second has no arms at all; her head has transformed into a sharp-toothed monster, instead.
  • The third is an unbound woman in a tattered dress, armed with a shotgun.
  • The final design merges the earlier designs - an unbounded woman with two inhuman arms growing next to normal ones, while a monster's face projects from the side of her head.

The creature's straight-jacket concept shares an uncanny resemblance to the Nosferatu and Lisa Trevor.




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