Mainstream universe
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MO disk RE remake

MO disk displaying the Parasol logo

Parasol was a subsidiary or otherwise "associate" of the Umbrella Corporation, specialising in electronics.[1] One of their products was a brand of Magneto-optical disks ("MO disks") which Umbrella used for sensitive data storage. They were used by various Umbrella facilities to control high security and emergency door locks.

A second product manufactured by Parasol was the "S.T.U.N. walker" brand of stungun batteries.


Further notesEdit

  • While its association with the Umbrella Corporation can be identified by its logo, it is interesting to note that the triangle design was also used as the logo for the RED QUEEN AI program housed at the Arklay Laboratory.

Sources Edit

  1. Sumner, Shotten, Owen (eds). Archives. p.291.

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