Nanan (ナナン Nanan?) is an issue of the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series, found in tankoubon volume 2.


The school's security personnel take care of the survivors while they assess what went wrong with the school's power. Tahir, his head bandaged, looks to the covered bodybag his friend Ray is in. Bindi is put onto a stretcher with an oxygen mask. Ricky shows her the metal object he found in the machinery room.

Mother Gracia talks with Tahir and Doug afterwards as they bring up the strange hooded girl. Gracia refuses to believe one of her students was behind the bioterrorist attacks, prompting Ricky to physically attack her, blaming her for everything that happened that evening, and criticising her reluctance to get BSAA help due to the harm to the school's "reputation".

Back at Singapore's Bennett University, BSAA operatives Chris; Merah and Piers arrive, looking for Professor Wright. However, they are told by a staff member that while Doug requested a leave for 2–3 days, it's not uncommon for him to be away for a few days. According to Merah, these leaves are normally either BSAA assignments or his own personal biological research. If the latter, he makes sure to leave a message should the BSAA urgently require him. Luckily, in the words of Piers, Ricky had a very big mouth, so their trip to a school was public knowledge.

Since they're there, the three BSAA operatives decide they might as well get something to eat at the university cafeteria. Merah shows interest in Japanese food, specifically in an unfamiliar dish she reads in Hiragana as "Chanpon" (ちゃんぽん?) (though comments on its English translation as "Champon"). Piers jokes that Merah concentrates more on satisfying her appetite than fighting.

As the three sit down at a table, they discuss the matter of the Professor's disappearance further. Piers has uncovered that Ricky went along with his uncle for the sake of boosting his grades, and that the name of the school is Marhawa Academy. Merah identifies it as the number one school on the Asian supercontinent as she plays with her chopsticks. She takes down Chris' suggesting of phoning them by explaining its controlled nature. They're going to have to travel there in person. It is at this moment that one of the canteen chefs, Yoshihara, interrupts, asking them to help find a person at the school for him. A relative of his (possibly his daughter) named Nanan hasn't replied to his letters for several months, and he is deeply concerned; he shows them a picture of Nanan so they can remember her.

Back at Marhawa, Ricky complains about the lack of Champon in his diet, a food his uncle accepts as the best dish served at the university canteen. Doug lets him in on a secret - the university staff have baking competitions every month. Moving to the matter of his grades, Ricky is doing well. He promises to do his best to solve the case; that way they can get back to ordinary university life again.

At the President's room, Mother Gracia asks Bindi why she followed Doug's group. When she explains that she wants to help protect the students from this biohazard, Mother Gracia accuses her of abusing her powers as Class President. When she demands Mother Gracia call for police support, she is forbidden. To convince her of the situation, Bindi tells her that she saw Nanan in the basement. Gracia begins to sweat after Bindi leaves, wondering if the missing Nanan - the hooded girl - really is involved as Doug suggests.



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