Rooftop Alliance is a manga issue in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire series.


It has been two days since the incident below the school, and the Marhawa School Festival has now begun. Tahir has called Ricky and Doug up to a building roof. When Ricky says he wants to go down to join the festivities, Tahir questions his readiness in fighting zombies. Ricky disagrees, showing him the arm he used to punch into the zombie back in the machinery room. Doug then questions Ricky's action; he entered the room armed with a stungun, why use his fist?

Looking down at the festivities, Doug expresses his concern that the students still haven't been told about the incident and are able to party. Tahir disagrees with telling them; like Mother Gracia, he understands it will simply panic everyone. Doug begins thinking about the virus they encountered. Ricky and Tahir were bitten, but weren't infected; would that mean the virus can't pass that way? But if so, why would Ray transform? Tahir continues to express his confidence in Gracia, and presents the two men with Handguns she provided for the three.

Ricky agrees to assist Marhawa Security on the condition that Tahir explain the true reason he is loyal to Mother Gracia. Surviving on the streets of a war-torn country, Tahir and Ray were saved by the former Marhawa President and taken to his orphanage. The young Gracia lived alongside them at the orphanage to help them as they grew up. Tahir feels he owes it to the deceased former President to keep the school going. As Tahir walks away, Ricky calls him back - he wants to know who "Nanan" is. Tahir looks nervous, and asks how he learnt of her.

Down on the ground, two students complain about the Marhawa festival - since no one from outside comes here, there is no one to put a show on for. The hooded girl shows up before them, catching their eyes. They try to make light of her, like that she's a cosplayer who could provoke the teaching staff. Her ignorance of them provokes them into retaliating, and they push her. With the hood dropped, they scream out in terror at what was under it.

Back on the roof, Ricky and Tahir continue discussing Nanan; Ricky explains Bindi's claim of having seen her in the basement. Doug demands to see her for questioning on her possible involvement in the bioterrorist attacks. Tahir explains that they can't talk to her because she's been dead for three months.

Back down on the streets, the two students who had seen the hooded girl now shamble towards the festivities as zombies.




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