Equilibrium Collapse is a manga issue in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire series.


The two zombified students approach a girl at the Marhawa festival. Grabbing her shoulder, one of the zombies forces her to the ground trying to bite her. A male student shouts at the zombie, demanding he let her go; the other zombie approaches him from behind. Tahir; Ricky and Doug here the commotion from the roof, and rush down to investigate.

The girl is freed from her attacker by Bindi, who kills it with her crossbow. The other students are confused by her actions, but she explains to them that they are zombies (albeit skirting around the word). As Class President, she orders her fellows to run into hiding and alert others. The zombie she shot gets back up. With everyone else gone, the two zombies only have her to focus on. Bindi arms her crossbow again and comments that she recognises them as formerly being two troublemakers. She shoots them again as the hooded girl looks down from another roof.

Tahir splits from the group to handle something, giving Ricky and Doug directions to the central garden. Mother Gracia is in a meeting with her fellow staff members regarding the sudden panic as Tahir barges in. Ricky and Doug arrive in the central garden to find Bindi standing besides two corpses filled with crossbow bolts, and herself covered in blood. She tells Ricky that the sanctuary Mother Gracia was maintaining is falling apart.



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