Bindi Falls is a manga issue in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire series.


Bindi; Ricky and Doug walk through the school grounds. Walking past a group of students, they are directed to the Cathedral, where Mother Gracia is. The three discuss if the time is right to finally alert everyone to the threat. Doug is not impressed by her means of getting the news through (by killing two students in broad daylight). As they enter the Cathedral, they find Mother Gracia giving a speech to the frightened students; she then verbally attacks Bindi as a liar out to ruin the school.

In her office later, she explains that she has had Bindi suspended for three months with her Class Presidency impeached, and she is to take refuge in her room to pray. Ricky challenges her authority, and is criticised by Doug and Tahir for not thinking about what would happen if there were a panic. Doug hints that if the peace were lost, there would be no way to find the bioterrorist in the panic, and the BSAA would be the only people qualified to intervene. Tahir explains that Mother Gracia must have authoritarian control over the school to maintain that peace.

Casting Bindi's punishment aside, Mother Gracia presents Doug with a picture of Nanan Yoshihara, who Bindi claims was in the basement two nights ago. While dead, Doug doesn't end the investigation of her there; Ricky points out that she could be a zombie, or the mysterious hooded girl really could be involved. When asked what happened to Nanan, Mother Gracia simply states that she killed her.

Episode 14 - Gracia as a biker

Mother Gracia reverts to her old fashion sense (scanlation).

The next day, Ricky and Doug practice on a firing range with the handguns Tahir provided. Tahir congratulates Ricky on his improving firing skills, though Doug reminds his nephew that he hasn't had real-life experience. Tahir brings up that he hasn't had any, either. A cloaked man enters the firing room, saying that Mother Gracia wants them. Heading outdoors, Doug is surprised to find Gracia dressed more like a biker than a nun, and with her hair tied in a bun. She tells them that they're going for a walk in the forest while she explains everything she knows about Nanan Yoshihara. Gracia takes them on a trek deep into the woodland, where they reach a large boulder with a blood stain on; she explains that it was here that Nanan died.

Back at the school, Tahir brings Bindi her food, since she's not allowed out of her room. They discuss Gracia's "ideal" yet again. Tahir disapproves of her public condemnation of the Mother, but finds it understandable given Bindi was a witness to Nanan's death and would be emotional. However, he will oppose her if her reason was simply for revenge. Leaving the room, he tells her to grow up from such thoughts and go back to her normal life.



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