Part 16: My Friend is an issue in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series. It is the first issue of the tankoubon volume 3.


Ricky kneels beside his injured uncle while Nanan walks to Tahir. Ricky shoots at Nanan to protect the security guard, but fails to do anything. Nanan stands beside Tahir and kisses him, releasing the C-Virus through her breath. The man collapses to the ground coughing. Nanan looks to Ricky, but leaves instead of killing him. Ricky runs to the rooftop edge, but she has disappeared. Doug confirms Nanan to be their main target, still focusing on his job. Tahir, meanwhile, asks Ricky to kill him to prevent him transforming into a zombie. Initially hesitant, Doug agrees with Tahir that it's the best thing to do. Dying, Tahir tells Ricky to keep practicing his firing skills. Bindi hears a noise from her desk in Room 305, and welcomes back her friend Nanan. It is then realised that Ricky hesitated again and missed. Tahir transforms into a zombie and gets ready to attack Ricky. It is only then that he is able to shoot. Mother Gracia and her aides arrive on the roof.

Meanwhile, in Room 305, Bindi helps Nanan get undressed to wash her clothes, and then rinses a hot flannel to clean her body. Bindi says a new medicine for Nanan has arrived, and prepares to inject her with it, congratulating her for having apparently defeated her enemies.

Back in the Presidents' office, Ricky tries to describe everything that happened: about how Tahir turned into a zombie, but Doug says they're different from ordinary ones. Ricky gets his handgun ready and leaves the office, saying he has to talk to a certain girl.

In Room 305, Bindi is putting away the medicine, and a tired Nanan sits on a study chair with her overcoat barely hiding her body mutations. Bindi tells her to sleep well.



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