Part 1: Academy of Tragedy is an issue of the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series, known as BIOHAZARD marhawa desire in Japan. There, it is referred to as "Episode 1: "Academy of Tragedy" (第1話 惨劇の学園 Dai 1-wa Sangeki no gakuen?) (or otherwise "School Tragedy"). It was first published in Issue #13 of the Weekly Shōnen Champion Extra's 2012 series, but was later on re-published in the first tankōbon volume on June 8.


The story begins when a student of Marhawa Academy is attacked and killed by her friend, who has become a zombie. Following the incident, Mother Gracia contacts Professor Doug to help her investigate the cause. He brings along Ricky, his nephew as his assistant and goes to the academy. As they arrive, Mother Gracia shows them a chained zombie. As Doug suggests getting the BSAA for help, she refuses so as she only wants Doug to help as well as not letting the school suffer bad reputation. Meanwhile, after Chris and his team is done dealing with t-Virus creatures, he intends to come along with Mera, who has reported instructions from Doug, as he feels that he owes Dougs a faovr from over the years. Doug continues to investigate the cause while Ricky has just woken up only to find his uncle missing. Alisa climbs on his bed, with Ricky believing it to be a romantic encounter and quickly accepthing the advances. He is concerned, however, when Alisa makes strange noises rather than responding to him. Alisa is revealed to be a zombie and tries to bite Ricky. As he tries to run away, the infected Alisa successfully grabs hold onto his shoulder and bites him, ending the first episode.


At the Marhawa School, a student is attacked and killed by her classmate, who is revealed to be a zombie. Elsewhere, Professor Doug Wright is teaching a Microbiology lecture on the use of Anthrax in bioterrorism, something his nephew and student, Ricky Tozawa is uninterested in. After the lecture, Doug shows his dissatisfaction with Ricky's behaviour, which had almost cost him a Semester at the university, already. Returning to his office at the Science and Engineering Department, Doug receives a handwritten letter from Mother Gracia, the head of Marhawa, who he has had prior engagements with. Reading about the case, he immediately suspects a link to bioterrorism, and leaves the university in a hurry. Stumbling upon his nephew on the way out of his office - who wishes to be a part of his Major class - Doug enlists him as his "assistant" in the investigation.

The two set off for the Marhawa academy, arriving on an isolated island cut off from civilization. On the way, Doug explains the situation, which fascinates his nephew, who didn't know his Microbiology teacher was also relevant in the study of biological weaponry. On the question of why he was chosen, personally, Doug explains that Mother Gracia is his ex-girlfriend.

Arriving at the academy, Ricky is baffled by the sheer size of the school. Allowed entry at a checkpoint, Ricky takes a quick look at the students and realises that it is an academy for gifted students. The idea that Ricky can be interested in such a school is laughed-off by Doug, who has first-hand experience on the student's apathy to studies. They are greeted by two female students: Bindi Bergara and Alisa Lin, the student body President and Vice-President, respectively. The two girls have been assigned by Mother Gracia to bring the two to her office. Alisa begins to show interest in Ricky, mistakenly believing him to be a child prodigy hired as an assistant (as opposed to a failing student brought along to pass the course), something Ricky does not think needs to be corrected right now. On the way to Gracia's office, Ricky notices a cordoned-off area - the place of the attack.

Marhawa Desire Episode 1 - page 27

Doug needs BSAA assistance, after seeing a zombie schoolgirl (watermarked; scanlation).

They arrive in Mother Gracia's office, which prompts the two girls to leave, much to Ricky's disappointment. Gracia leads the two down into the basement linked to her office, revealing the zombified student, chained to a wall. Doug has knowledge of the t-Virus and its history, and warns the two not to let her bite them. He concludes that the "Daylight" vaccine is needed to prevent the virus spreading, and the BSAA to be sent into the area. Mother Gracia is not aware of the BSAA, but when it is explained to her, she refuses their assistance. Since she entrusted Doug, specifically in the case, he concludes that she doesn't want the school to get a bad reputation.

Doug respects her wishes, and has Ricky search the school; the animal pen and the forest for any sign of the t-Virus. He explains that something must have infected the student, and that something must be found. Despite feeling ill at the very idea of seeing zombies, he hardens himself up at the thought that he must "protect" the beautiful teenage girls at the academy once handed a bottle of water by them. This gets the attention of a group of students, who are aggravated by Ricky's sudden popularity and, mistaking him for a new student, wish to haze him. Alisa arrives on-scene and sends them away, explaining that he is a special guest. Alisa explains that because many of the students were raised together at such a young age, they are not used to seeing new students and see them as sexual competition - simply being unfamiliar with Ricky instantly makes him attractive to many of the girls at the academy, including Alisa. Bindi arrives, spoiling the 'moment'.

Later on, Ricky is asked if he found anything by Doug. He responds that something just doesn't feel right. There's something wrong with the academy, especially with Mother Gracia. Ricky remembers Gracia's refusal to allow BSAA involvement; seeing the zombified schoolgirl in his mind, he feels ill again and tries to stop himself vomiting. Ricky's problem with Gracia is her disinterest in the safety of the students, and her lack of compassion or fear regarding zombification. Doug replies that the only solution to the problem is BSAA intervention; without them the rate of infection will only increase.

Meanwhile, BSAA North American branch's Alpha team leader, Chris Redfield, along with Piers Nivans and Merah Biji are busy taking out a number of t-Virus creatures, including zombie dogs and lickers. Biji reports new instructions from Professor Doug, who is established to be an advisor to the BSAA's Far East Division. Chris, who feels he owes Doug a favour from over the years, comes with Mera to visit him at the university.

Marhawa Desire Episode 1 - page 47

Ricky mistakes a zombie attack for sexual advances (watermarked; scanlation).

Doug continues to investigate outside the academy on his own, expressing his thought on himself that the academy will suffer the same fate as Raccoon City if immediate action is not taken, even if it is only a rat that is the carrier of the virus. A hooded female figure spies on Doug while he investigates in the night. Back in the guest bedroom, Ricky awakens to find his uncle missing. He sees Alisa climb onto his bed - identifying her by her necklace, since her hair is covering her face. Assuming it to be a romantic encounter and the schoolgirls to be sexually-repressed, Ricky is quick to accept her advances. He becomes concerned when she refuses to say anything, instead making strange noises.

It is revealed that Alisa has turned into a zombie, and tries to bite Ricky. He jumps out of bed, but the zombie grabs him and bites him on the shoulder.


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