Part 20: Judgment Day (第20話 裁きの日 Dai 20-wa Sabaki no hi?) is the twentieth chapter in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series. It was first published in Issue #46 of the Weekly Shōnen Champion Extra's 2012 series, but was later on re-published in the third tankōbon volume on January 8, 2013.


In the Sector B conference room, Mother Gracia's staff report that someone has destroyed their vehicles. Gracia is baffled by this, since she had the remaining vehicles undamaged during Bindi and Nanan's escape hidden. As she is shown the chaos outside, she realises they have been wrecked to insure Marhawa Academy's complete isolation; she ponders on if it's Bindi's doing, making a mockery of her isolationist policy. In the President's office, Bindi has killed Gracia's staff; since she was not among the dead, Bindi quickly deduces she is in Sector B.

Later, in the night, Ricky wakes up after having collapsed when Bindi disappeared. Hearing a strange noise in one of the student rooms, Ricky opens the door to find the body of a female student. Her mouth is covered in blood and her stomach is being excavated by a zombified nun. The nun turns to Ricky and tries to grab him, but he shoots back. Weakened and still inexperienced, Ricky also manages to destroy the dead girl's bedroom window, allowing him to hear the screams outside.

Ricky runs back down the corridor and the stairs. Exiting the building, Ricky sees the horrific aftermath of the fog as the few remaining students are torn apart as they try to flee their dormitories. Ricky understands fully what his uncle said days earlier about not doing enough would result in another 'Raccoon City'.

In the dormitories, one boy grieves over the zombification of a girl named Xiao - perhaps his girlfriend. She then bites him as he extends his arms to hug her. He then throws himself off his balcony so the two of them die together. Two girls run up a flight of stairs to get away from the zombies chasing them. Seeing that the zombies are catching up, one of the girls pushes her friend down the stairs so she can distract the zombies as a sacrifice. Unfortunately for her, one sacrifice wasn't enough, and she is brought down by the other zombies soon after.

In a corpse-filled classroom, Second Year student Yang Tai Ming is attacked by a club mentor he had a crush on (referred to only as "senpai"). He tries and fails to regain her her humanity, but is saved by his fellow Second Year, Kwan, who bashes the girl's head with a baseball bat. They head out on their way to a staff room to hide in, discussing what has happened based on their own understanding. Yang can only guess that it is a biohazard, while Kwan overheard Bindi's warning.



Further notes

Interestingly, Kwan still uses the "senpai" honorific when referring to Bindi despite the current situation and the suspension of her Presidential role.