Part 2: Virus Terror is an issue of the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series, known as BIOHAZARD marhawa desire in Japan. There, it is referred to as "Episode 2" (第2話 Dai 2-wa?). It was first published in Issue #14 of the Weekly Shōnen Champion Extra's 2012 series, but was later on re-published in the first tankōbon volume on June 8.


In another location, Chris tried to contact Doug but to no avail, stating that his number is out of reach. Merah finds out that Doug went on vacation but no one knows where he went. Piers expressed slight annoyance, concluding that Professor Doug only took a regular vacation, but Chris thought differently due to his number being out of reach and that no one knows where he went. In Marhawa Academy, Doug, Mother Gracia and Bindi heard a scream coming from Ricky's room. Doug storms in his room only to find out Ricky wounded from being bitten and Alisa being held by the guards. Expressing his frustration due to Gracia's stubbornness, he yells at her to call the BSAA and states if the matter is not dealt immediately, an incident similar to the Raccoon City Destruction may happen again. Despite this, Gracia tries to leave the room without a word of concern. Before leaving, she appoints a security to guard the door and states that if Ricky ends up turning like Alisa did, they will take care of it. 

Doug returns his attention to Ricky, expressing regret for bringing him to Marhawa Academy. Ricky reminds Doug that if he turns into a zombie, he does not need to hesitate to kill Ricky. Doug is saddened by his words with tears seen streaming down his face. While Gracia is in her office. she expressed her pessimistic view, saying that there will be a third infected person. Tending to Ricky's wound, Doug mentioned if only he could contact Chris, Upon hearing Chris' name, he asks Doug if he is really that awesome to which he replies by saying that he is the best of the best. He then explains BSAA's style of work, suppressing bioterrorism outbreak without leaving one single infected alive. 

Meanwhile, Bindi enters Gracia's office. Noticing Bindi, she asked if it isn't already past her bedtime. Instead of answering Gracia's question, Bindi asks her where Alisa is to which she replies that Alisa maybe is wandering around the academy. Bindi expressed discomfort about Alisa's disappearance even though she likes to wander off without a word. She also brought up a matter about the disappearance of a student that has happened 3 years ago. Failing to persuade Gracia into calling the police, she orders Bindi to go back to her room and leave the school matter to herself. It is revelaed that the infected Alisa is being held elsewhere, chained to a wall and about to be decapitated by an unknown person. 

In the next morning, Ricky woke up seemingly unfazed by the wound he received last night. Doug then asks about his condition to which he responds by saying that he feels great asides from being sore. Doug thinks there is something wrong about the matter and explains there should be symptoms before turning into a zombie. Despite this, Doug does not see any symptoms from Ricky and therefore states that he is not infected. However, Doug cannot help but think that this miracle is unusual. He orders Ricky to stay in his room since he has recovered from his wounds but he retorted by saying that he does not want to sit and do nothing. They went out to try and catch a rat, attracting the attention of the students in the academy, but makes no progress whatsoever. Though, Dougs states that catching a rat isn't an effective method, he is sure that rats has the chance to carry a virus. 

During their break, Bindi approached the duo asking Ricky if he has seen Alisa. Ricky is forced to lie about Alisa to prevent Bindi from being hurt due to the loss of her friend. She continues to bombard him with the same question, only to be responded by Ricky's silence. Bindi then asks for the reason for their arrival in Marhawa Academy. Doug states that he can't tell her the reasons until the right time comes. Meanwhile, in an isolated location, two person in hazmat suit are seen puring kerosene on the zombies and later burns them. The chapter ends when Ricky, Doug and Bindi notices smoke from a distance.


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