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Part 6: Underground Suicide Corps is an issue of the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series, known as BIOHAZARD marhawa desire in Japan. There, it is referred to as "Episode 6" (第6話 Dai 6-wa?). It was first published in Issue #18 of the Weekly Shōnen Champion Extra's 2012 series, but was later on re-published in the first tankōbon volume on June 8.


Bindi, now awake, looks at the burnt-down dormitory Alisa was "killed" at. A black-clothed woman in high-heals watches from a distance. Ricky walks over with a bouquet of flowers to lye by the building. To ease the situation, he jokes about how the school has a variety of stores like a proper town. Bindi shows him a pendant she believes to belong to Alisa. Emotional, Bindi pleads with him to tell her what happened to her friend and why he and Doug arrived...

Doug, meanwhile is attending a meeting with Mother Gracia. While he objects to her decision to not get help from the BSAA, he feels compelled to investigate, not wanting yet another child to die. Leaving the office, he sees Ricky and Bindi walking outside. Ricky notices a group of workmen; according to Bindi, they are at the school for a periodic assessment of the underground machinery. Now knowing about an underground area, he wants to investigate it. Bindi wants to help him and Doug with the investigation, now knowing about the threat the students are facing. Doug, still looking through the window, disparages his nephew for giving in to her.

Back inside, Doug gets his hands on Ricky, angered that he's risking her safety by getting her involved; Ricky defends himself, explaining that she saw enough as a witness, anyway. The schoolteacher coordinating the underground assessment decides to check up on their progress, having waited outside more than usual. One of the workmen is revealed to now be a zombie.

In the evening, Ricky and Doug meet up with Ray Hsu, a teacher and Tahir Kapoor, a security guard. The teacher is revealed to have escaped from the zombies, but was badly injured nonetheless. Tahir has been tasked with clean-up duties (the general killing and incineration of the five zombies). The four men arm themselves and get read to enter the building (Doug with an axe; Ricky with a stungun) looking for the five.



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