The Passage (通路 Tsūro?) is an area of the Sheena Island sewers.[1]



Upon entering, a scene plays where the player notices the door locks behind him and a voice calls out "Die Vincent!". Walking down and getting close to the end of the hall will trigger a scene where a Alligator jumps out. Backing up will cause another alligator to jump out. The Alligators will block the paths and the player must defeat them to continue.

The door to the Sewage pool will be unlocked after the alligators are killed.


Location Localization Original script
The door back to the Sewage pool (lockd SFX) It's locked.
The hole the second alligator leaves after it jumps out There is a big hole. Something incredibly powerful must have created it.
The area the first alligator comes from The polluted water smells fishy.




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