Passage Memo is a file in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.



The underground passage which leads to the mansion where Alexia and I live, has been badly damaged. Although I can never allow the unwashed to see Alexia, I cannot go on using the underground waterway that those local people made, either.

Oh yes... I think I'll have those prisoners build a bridge. It must be a gorgeous bridge that benfits the perfection that is Alexia.

Of course, I must kill everyone who's involved in the construction of the bridge after it is done, so that no one will know about the existence of our mansion. But that is okay, as I have no problems executing such matters.

Once the bridge is completed, I'll seal the mansion entrance door at the end of the underground waterway. The entrance of the waterway is locked by the diorama trick, ensuring the secrecy of our mansion.

Alfred Ashford

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