The Passage With a Trap (トラップのある通路 Torappu no aru tsūro?) is an area of the underground. A section of this room is known as the "Hidden passage" (隠し通路 Kakushi tsūro?).[1]


The passage is composed of stone path, there's a huge boulder at the straight path. After it crash upon the wall straight ahead a small corridor leads to the Underground warehouse will reveal.


Boulder corridor (7)

Chris avoiding the huge boulder

A flamethrower can be found on the side of the door where it can be taken, however the door will locked until it's placed here again. Up ahead, a huge boulder can be seen. It must be approach to trigger it. Once it start to chase in a straight path, run back into the door where it can be dodge. The boulder will crash and reveal a secret path, where it contains one Hunter α. Back at the dead end where the boulder original position, one Magnum Round can be found.

The character must run away from the boulder after approaching it in the 2002 Remake. The boulder would crash on the wall, revealing a small path toward the Underground Warehouse. There's a flamethrower where player can either pick up or leave it, if it's taken, the door will be locked until the flamethrower is put back. One hunter will be face here later.


Resident Evil (2002)
Location Localization Original script
Boulder A huge boulder blocks the way.




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