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Paths Cross01:15

Paths Cross

Paths Cross

Paths Cross is a cutscene in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. It is played during the fifth chapter of "Memories of a Lost City".



Claire: "Leon!"
"What happened?"

Leon: "I got shot... There was a woman-"

Claire: "Wait, you mean...?"

Leon: "No. Not Ada. She-"

Ada (flashback): "You're losing a lot of blood. Don't move. I've gotta remove the bullet."

Leon (flashback): "Who was that?"
"She was about to kill you."

Ada (flashback): "That's my problem, not yours."

Leon (flashback): "Fine. Don't tell me."
"But you better start working with me here, or we'll never make it out of this alive."
"Please, Ada, I need your help".
"I can't do this alone."

Ada (flashback): "You're right."
"I'll help you."

Leon (flashback): "Thanks".

Ada (flashback): "But first, we need to find the others."
"Don't die, Leon. I owe you."

Claire: "I guess she's on our side then. Lucky us."

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