ORC backstory
(Operation Raccoon City's backstory)

Paulo is an UBCS member and the author of a letter sent to his friend Jacques. He heard rumours (which are true) about Nicholai Ginovaefleaving his squad to die and Umbrella using bio weapons against anyone, including their own operatives. He also is correct in his opinion of UBCS being test subjects and Nicholai being a Monitor.

He urges Jacques to escape from Umbrella and is trying the same. Like Jacques, he is so-far only mentioned in the Inserted Evil ARG.

Further notes

  • Paulo considers Nicholai Umbrella's "pawn" based on "just some comments I've heard him make".
  • Paulo also considers the UBCS as soldiers and is shocked with the opinion of them being "murderers" and "guinea pigs". This is a quite naive statement since most of the UBCS operatives are recruited from war criminals and guerrilla fighters.


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