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Personal Items are a recurring element of the Resident Evil series, beginning with the very first Resident Evil. Personal Items are attached to the player character and cannot be unequipped in most cases (though sometimes change as the story progresses) but do not take up any space in the regular Inventory. Whether these items are important for progression or simply aesthetic depends on the character.


Personal Items were originally used for character balance, with Chris and Leon having the Lighter while Jill and Claire had the Lockpick. Following this, games began allowing these items to be switched out for other items or even equipped. Resident Evil 3 was the first game to do away with the concept, and despite its brief return in Code:Veronica every following game has followed suit.

Personal Items by Game

Resident Evil Zero:

Resident Evil:

Resident Evil 2:

Resident Evil Code Veronica:

  • Claire Redfield: Lighter/Lockpick
  • Steve Burnside: Family Photo
  • Chris Redfield: Lighter

Resident Evil Outbreak and Outbreak File #2

All NPC characters have the same personal items as the protagonists, depending on what character type they are. All Kevin-type characters have the .45 Automatic and so on.