Peter Jenkins was a researcher and lecturer at the prestigious Raccoon University, and a friend of George Hamilton. Peter assisted in the creation of Daylight, a vaccine able to halt the t-Virus infection.


Peter met Greg Mueller earlier in 1998. Greg informed him of the "t-Virus", a highly-mutagenic Zoonotic virus being developed by the international pharmaceutical enterprise Umbrella. It wasn't until the virus was already within Raccoon City, having originated from multiple sources such as the infested Arklay Mountains, that the antidote was discovered.

Peter started to become suspicious of Greg's knowledge of the t-virus, and was scared for his very life after realizing that he and Greg were the only two to know of the Daylight research. Hiding important notes throughout the University, Peter planned of having his friend George retrieve them and create the antidote himself, in the event that Peter died.

He was eventually murdered by Greg, being shot in the back of the head in his private study. He was found by George and other two survivors early on October 1st, and his scattered notes provided enough knowledge to create the antidote themselves.


Peter Jenkins is a Jim-type character. He starts each game with the Anti-Virus capsule. In the Underbelly scenario on EASY and NORMAL, he also starts with the Employee Area Key, giving him instant access to the subway's employee areas. This also happens with every Jim-type characters.

Further notesEdit

  • On VERY HARD difficulty, Peter will reanimate as a zombie as soon as he is discovered.
  • Peter is unlocked in Outbreak by completing the scenario Decisions, Decisions on HARD difficulty, and then the set can be purchased with 3000 points.[1]
  • In Outbreak File #2, he only costs 300 points, and is already unlocked.



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