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Peter "Pete" Walken[2] was an American television presenter who was the main cast of the paranormal investigation series, Sewer Gators. He was killed in June 2017 by Mia Winters .


Prior to 2015, Pete was a weekend substitute anchor for an American news station, but was eventually replaced. This led him to host Sewer Gators, a documentary series following the investigation of strange sightings in the United States, for at least two years.

In June 2017 Pete, the show's producer and the cameraman explored the Dulvey Haunted House, linked to a series of ghost sightings in the nearby bayou, where they were attacked by its residents.

During the preliminary exploration of the Dulvey Haunted House, Andre got separated from Pete and Clancy, which prompted the pair to look for him around the house. Finding a ladder in a secret passage by pulling a lever inside the chimney, Pete prompted Clancy to go down first.[3] Pete got knocked out by Jack Baker, just to wake up within a kitchen inside the house, with Clancy tied up to a chair next to him. Pete found a knife and tried to release Clancy from the chair. However, before he could accomplish this, he was ambushed by Mia Winters who stabbed him in the back before turning her attention to Clancy. Pete, now hurt, tackled Mia Winters who continued stabbing him, eventually decapitating him.[4]

Personality and Relationships

Initially, he seems arrogant and self-centered. Namely, asking Andre Stickland where he found "this guy" and stating that he "only works with professionals". He took no time in telling Andre he wasn't sure about hiring Clancy as their cameraman. He would get defensive with Andre about correcting him that he was a weekend substitute rather than an anchor. After Andre disappeared, he exclaimed that it would be the last time he would work with him.[5]

However, once he realized the potential severity of the situation, he overwent a change. He became concerned with Andre's well-being and told Clancy to stick with him. When Pete discovered a hidden passageway, he told Clancy that they should just find Andre and leave the Dulvey house. Unfortunately, they would be captured. Upon waking up, Pete tried to free Clancy of his bindings, but was stabbed by Mia Winters. After Mia stabbed Clancy, Pete attempted to save him from her, but was ultimately killed in the process.[6][7]


  • "Tonight on Sewer Gators, another worthless fucking shithole. Happy?" (今宵の「スーワ・ゲーターズ亅はクソッタレごみ屋敷の情報満載! これでいいか?) - Pete to Andre when asked to rehearse an introduction to the episode.
  • Pete: "I was an anchor, you know." (俺はTVのメインキャスターもやったんだぞ)
    Andre: "Weekend sub, Pete - not anchor."
  • "Alright, new deal. W-We find Andre and we go. I mean, fuck this show." - Pete to Clancy after discovering the hidden passageway.
  • "You first. Need a nice hero shot of me coming down the ladder. So, uh, you first." - Pete cautiously telling Clancy to climb down the ladder.

Further notes

  • Pete's death date has conflicting information. According to the Derelict House Footage, it occurs on June 1, at which point Andre dies, closely followed by Pete who is killed by Mia and Clancy is taken by Lucas. The 21 DLC occurs on occurs on a day with the number 3, implying that the June 1st date for Pete (and Andre) is correct as immediately following the 21 DLC are the events of Happy Birthday in which Clancy dies. However, a newspaper in the living room of the Bakers' House claims that "State authorities are asking for help locating three men who went missing during their travels to Dulvey Parish from New Orleans on the ninth of this month" implying that June 9 is the date that Clancy, Pete and Andre were last seen and then entered the Baker house where they were killed.




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