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Anderson universe
(Covers information from Anderson's universe)
For the DeCandido version, see Peyton Wells (DeCandido).

Peyton Wells was a S.T.A.R.S. police officer involved with the Raccoon City Incident.


Raccoon City Incident

After Umbrella closed off the city, Peyton and Jill, along with reporter Terri Morales, hid in a church, where they meet with another survivor named Angus Mackenzie. They are besieged by lickers and zombies until they are saved by Janus Prospero. Peyton disliked Janus immediately because she insisted on killing him before he became a zombie. Soon, Dr. Charles Ashford recruited the four of them to save his daughter, Angela Ashford.

Almost immediately afterward however, he is killed by the Nemesis, which devastates Jill. Given that he was bitten by a zombie prior to his death, being fatally gunned down by Nemesis speeds his rate of infection and Peyton is eventually reanimated by the T-Virus and attempts to bite Jill and Terri during their attempted escape from the Nemesis in an abandoned car. Jill fends him off and pushes him back long enough to shoot him point blank in the head. His death was instantaneous. Jill drives off with Terri upset that she had to kill her partner.



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