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Phantoms (幻影 gen'ei?), as coined in the BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK FILE 2 GRAND BIBLE, are a special feature in the "flashback" scenario only encountered by Alyssa Ashcroft. They tell a story of Kurt, an investigative journalist, and his investigation of the hospital. Watching all four scenes are necessary for unlocking a special ending.


  • Suspension bridge - An injured man warns Alyssa not to go to the hospital (English: "Turn... back..." / Japanese: "逃げる…").
  • Hospital back gate - two police officers discuss on if there were any survivors ("…他に生存者は?").
  • Administrator's office - Al Lester and Kurt discuss the goings-on around hospital, though Al objects to suggestions of misconduct ("…私は不正な行為など一切行っていない").
  • Room 201 - Kurt being killed by the zombified Dorothy Lester. He struggles to say "Alyssa" (アリッサ…).


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