Piano bar cutscene (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil Gaiden.


Barry: "Looks like you bought us some time with the sprinkler system."

Leon: "Forget that. Just tell me what's going on?"

Barry: "..........."

Leon: "Well? Let's hear it! What's going on?!"

Barry: "Give me the girl."

Leon: "What? Have you gone mad?"

Barry: "You head me. Lucia, come over here!"

Leon: "Lucia!"

Lucia: "Don't worry I'll be O.K."

Leon: "I can't let you get away with this!"

Barry: "Right now you don't have any choice."

Leon follows Barry and Lucia to the Upper Deck, where Barry forces Lucia to descend a rope ladder to a mysterious submarine that waits below. The submarine has the markings of the Umbrella Corporation.

Leon: "Somehow I've got to get inside there, I can't let them get away!"

Suddenly armed guards appear on the deck of the submarine.

Guards: "Get back! This is your only warning! Do not approach the submarine!"

Leon: "What are you going to do... shoot me?"

Guards: "OPEN FIRE!"

Leon: "I can't believe they opened fire! And now they're gone!"

A second explosion rattles the STARLIGHT

Leon: "This is not looking good! That sounded like the Engine Room. Another explosion like that and this ship is going down! I wonder if it's too late to learn to swim?"

HQ: "To all operaties, is anyone there, over. I repeat is anyone there, over..."

Leon: "This is Leon sir, reading you loud and clear!"

HQ: "Good to hear your voice Leon, I'm afraid we have some bad news, out sensors indicate that there is a massive build up of power around the Engine Room. Going by what the sensors are telling us it could blow in minutes."

Leon: "Things are really not going my way today. I'll make my way to the Engine Room and see if I can stop what ever is causing the power build up."

HQ: "Good luck Leon."