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"You can pick a lock using this."

"Examine the tip of this closely and use it on a matching keyhole."

Alyssa Ashcroft's personal item, the Picking Tool is a set of four different shaped lockpicks that can unlock locked doors, lockers, drawers, cabinets, and safes; Particularly, locked items that say "It's locked with a simple lock" or "The lock looks fragile." Like all other personal items, the Picking Tool cannot be discarded.

Each of her four lockpicks has their own shape:


Due to their different shapes, Alyssa must pick the correct lock pick in order to open the lock mechanism she is picking. Matching the shape of the pick to the keyhole works faster.

  • It requires rapid and consistent button presses to open a locked item.
  • Alyssa's Picking Tool can unlock an unlimited number of locked items, but it won't work on some doors that requires keys.


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