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Piers' concept art is very similar to the finished product. The most notable difference between the original concept for his Edonia clothes from what he wears in the actual game is that his coat and pants were more of a white color instead of light brown to match the rest of the outfit. His clothes in Lanshiang were very similar to the concept. Another notable difference is that his BSAA pouch is much less detailed and does not have anything on it. Piers' physical appearance in one art portrayed his hair to be much lighter than the final look. For the most part, the concepts of his costumes were not changed much in the game.

Appearance and WardrobeEdit

Piers has broad facial features and light brown hair in a short front spike, as well as hazel eyes. He is slightly shorter than Chris (around 5'10"- 5'11") and is left-handed. Once mutated by the C-Virus, Piers resembles something very similar to the J'avo Ruka-Srp mutation.


A close-up of the pouch on Piers' vest.

While on his mission in Edonia, Piers wears basic tactical gear including a grey coat with matching military-issue cargo pants, light brown combat boots, a brown tactical vest, and black leather gloves. Most apparent is a brown box-weave scarf around his neck, resembling a shemagh or keffiyeh. He also wears camouflaged knee pads and numerous camouflaged pouches on both legs, his vest, and on a tactical belt around his waist. A pouch on the left breast of his vest has two emblems embroidered on it. One is military blood-type patch imprinted with "A POS" (stating his A-positive blood type), the other being a brown camouflage patch that reads "Special Operations Unit, BSAA" with a symbol of a winged shield and a sword overlapping it.

Six months after the events in Edonia, Piers is seen in much more casual wear when he finds Chris in a bar. He is dressed in grey pants with a black belt, a white T-shirt, and a pale green army-style military jacket that bears the emblem of the BSAA's North American Branch on both sleeves.

While in Lanshiang, Piers' outfit is almost identical to his winter gear. The only notable difference is he is no longer wearing a jacket and instead wears a tan and black long-sleeved shirt. His shirt bears two patches on both sleeves, the first being the BSAA's North American Branch patch. The second is a small patch that reads "SOU - BSAA."

In The Mercenaries, Piers' alternate costume consists of a yellow and grey racecar driver suit with various logos and the number "06" printed on the front. Some of the logos include BiohazardCAPCOM, STAGLA, and VEREOR. Among the other advertisements are Otto's Construction Company and Colombian Roastmasters as references to another Capcom game, Dead Rising. Notably, there is a small patch on the upper left side with the R.P.D. abbreviation and Special Tactics and Rescue Service listed below it. Piers also wears a cap with a BSAA emblem on the front and a S.T.A.R.S. emblem on the side. His second extra costume can be unlocked through Resident and is identical to the first except in blue and green. His third extra costume is a retro version of his Edonia appearance and can also be obtained through Resident